"Sin City," is off of "It Takes One to Know One." I think this version has one of the best ending sections of any song we have ever done. It has Mark Lemle on sax, and Marty Greenberg on bass.  

 This is an unreleased song, called "Mark of the Crab."

  "Paige" was written about Craig's first kid -- definitely an defining moment for anyone. The electric piano bends at the beginning are meant to mimic the sounds she made before she could speak.  She can sure talk now ...

   "A Trip South," is a song  about the end of our adventures as a "road band."  It has a great groove, and the longest piano solo I ever put on tape.   The latter portion (the solo) was called Chunky Samba #8

 "True Believer," a commentary on modern life.

 "Chunky Samba # 7" is a quintessential All-Stars song. 100 miles an hour, with a no "musical category" to put it in. The piano solo at the end and the drums fit like a glove.

  "Lillian" is about the relationship of a fan of the movies in the present day with a silent film star. Today, people have thousands of choices for entertainment, but in the silent film era, not so much. This song is about the viewer imagining what could have been in simpler times. "Lillian" is one of our favorites.

This version of "Chump" was recorded live, at the University of Toledo. Two of the best guys we ever played with, Tim Chandler and Rick Hall are on it. Dig the Clavinet part.

The Glass City All-Stars

Latest Songs

"Grusin Lives"

The Glass City All-Stars are

Craig Williams and Dave Fogle.


  • Sin City5:33
  • Mark of the Crab2:27
  • Paige3:46
  • A Trip South4:07
  • True Believer4:28
  • Chunky Samba #73:10
  • Lillian3:42
  • Chump3:22


"Give a Little Bit"

We are still working on a new album, and a re-issue of "Finding" which we hope to have available soon. We do have some cool new songs in the works.

Our most recent album, "It Takes One to Know One," is available on iTunes, and 
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theglasscityallstars. It is also on iTunes.

The song currently being played is "Lillian." To play the other songs simply stop "Lillian," and hit "play" on the song of your choice.

Also included here is an unreleased demo of "Mark of the Crab," which is another in a long line of our instrumentals. The demo was done by Craig. Some songs make it to a CD, some don't. This may one make it one day. It is here to show how the songs
start, and eventually progress to a CD.

All songs were written by Craig.



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